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Curriculum!! January 25, 2010

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Hey guys!

I’m overwhelmed with the amount of encouragement we’ve recieved from friends and family.  We’ve recieved a TON of arts and crafts supplies and FUN games which is so awesome so thanks to you guys for donating that it will be well used.  So we have another family of three boys who started attending this past week after seeing us playing socer outside the friday before last.

Ethan, Josiah, and Hannan

  We’re hoping as the weather warms up there will be more opportunities to invite other kids in.  We’ve also grown in number of volunteers which will allow us to grow in the future as well.  The weather put a damper on attendance last week since most kids walk to the center, but Friday we had 18 kids altogether!  Things are going awesome and I wanted to thank everyone again for their prayers and support.  We will be starting Elevate curriculum this week, which is what they do in Soul Station.  Allen is going to let us borrow old curriculum they’ve done already.  For those of you who work in Soul Station, we’re starting out with Heroes of Mega-City which is probably one of my favorite series.  We’ll be doing the 8 week series in two weeks (Mon – Thurs each week) and probably just do the bible story and skit (roughly 20-30 min). 

We started off with having a drawing contest of what they would look like if they were a super hero and what powers they would have.

Mu – Super Ninja Warrior                                    Suriah – Smiley Face Man                                   Taw – Shark Man

My mom came in to be the celebrity judge – the winner was Ethan with Weather Man

We’re still lacking on snacks, so if anyone can donate anything, we would greatly appreciate it, even cups, napkins and plates, kool-aid packets?.  We also are asking for old ps2 games and computer games.  Anything else you have that you’re not using we can use or find a place for it.  Thanks again to those of you who have donated stuff! you have no idea how much it has helped!

Prayer requests: That the curriculum goes well with the kids (as some of them are from different countries, so that it translates well with them and they can have an understanding of the content),  intentional conversations and opportunities to reach the families, possible growth?

Praises: We’ve grown so much and recieved SO MUCH encouragement from people its been awesome!  Also have gotten to talk a lot to the Karen children and their English is improving soo much. Also, Wherry workday went great last Saturday, there was a huge middle school group of about twenty and another group of about twenty and some local people.  We painted an entire unit (ceiling and all – two coats!) so also pray for those who will be moving in there.  A group also cleaned out the unit that burned last week and there was also some girls who helped an 80 year-old man wash his dishes and clean his house.  Wherry workday is the fourth Saturday of every month, so if you or your small group have been looking for a way to plug in, that is an awesome opportunity.


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