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YaY – More Volunteers!! February 13, 2010

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Hey everybody–it’s been a while so this is a little long–sorry

So since our last update we have received 6 new high school volunteers & they have been sooo amazing.  I met and worked  with most of them when I was the children ministry intern at Lifepoint so they all know how Kids Club works and have much experience working and ministering to kids.  Some even volunteer more than once a week which allows more one on one attention with the kids and also allows us to break up into smaller groups for activities and such.  We’ve been able to teach some of them about worship through VBS worship songs and we’ve also been working on how to look up things in the Bible and they’re getting pretty good.  I’m hoping to eventually be able to do themed weeks, like a cooking week, a wacky science week, or like a week where the kids can make a movie together or something with a script and costumes and stuff.  I will let you all know if we’re in need of any supplies for this as it happens.  We also started doing some of the Winter Extreme Sports curriculum to tie in with the Winter Olympics and stuff –  They’re enjoying it.

Here are some new pictures:

Cameron Graf (middle picture), a fourth grader at Lifepoint, has been coming twice a week to help minister to the kids.  Paw and Hsar Moo’s older brother, Hsar Nay, and younger brother, Seria have started coming to the center (Left picture)

Hillsong Kids worship—check out that baby getting into it!! Ohh yeah the Lord is goood!!

This month Erica and I have decided to start doing something the second Saturday of every month for the center.  First, we’re gonna spend an hour or so organizing stuff, as everything gets super misplaced over the course of a month, and then spend some time with our volunteers talking about what works, what doesn’t, what we can improve, as well as throw out ideas.  Then, and we won’t be doing this part this week, but we would all go throughout the neighborhood and invite families to come have lunch with us outside (Mr. Danny has volunteered to make hotdogs and stuff) and have kind of like a big kickball game or something with like facepainting and fun stuff.  Oh yeah..and I found out the Graf’s own a cotton candy machine!  We want to use this as a way to meet the families of the kids, as well as invite new families so they can see what we do.  If you or your small group would be interested in helping with this just let us know and we’d be super happy to plug you in!

We have so many praises:

First, the high school volunteers have helped out SOO much.  I am blown away by their spiritual maturity level. I can’t remember a group like this when I was in student ministry- haha, probably my own fault –  but it’s very encouraging and it’s been awesome to see what great leaders Lifepoint is turning out through their next gen ministries.
Recently I have been praying for Community Kid’s future, as I will be graduating  in 2011 and possibly doing a journey man program.  A long way away I realize, but I didn’t want it to be a thing that started up and died after only a year or two.  The Lord has already shown me this is not something I need to worry about, because several days after I handed my worries over to Him, two of the high schoolers approached me and said they wanted to meet with Erica and I alone sometime because they felt called to missions and wanted to hear more about what we do!  AHH! The Lord is amazing, so please keep that in your prayers, that whoever He is calling to take over in a year or two, He will be preparing and equipping them for it now.

Second,  John had a meeting last Saturday with all the people who do stuff at Wherry Housing to just meet each other and share what their ministry is planning for the next year.  It was such an awesome and encouraging meeting.  I got to hear my grandma talk about the GED program and WOW I just realized how passionate she is about the Lord and how thankful I am that she passed it to her kids who passed in on to me and my cousins.  What a woman – I love you Loyce.  Erica and I also got to meet the people who help with the Karen ministry, who have introduced us to other Karen families in the community – there are 10 total in Wherry Housing.  The Lord is doing crazy good things at Wherry and it’s so awesome to see and hear of the changes He’s made in the past several years.  Good meeting – Thanks John.

Third, this new check-in system at Lifepoint is awesome – I can now check in the six kids i take from Wherry (all with different last names) in like a second!

Fourth, Erica and I are EXTREMELY thankful for our mentors who are guiding us through this missions project thing.  Big thank you to John Key, Kyle Goen, Tim Patterson, Allen Bishop, Brittany Kaminh, Allen Kimble, and Pat Hood.  We love your encouragement and wisdom.

Fifth, Ijust found out I received a Study Abroad Scholarship from MTSU for like $1,300 to help out this summer!  For those who don’t know, I will be studying at a university in Fortaleza (northeast Brazil) during June, finishing my Portuguese minor, and then spending July and August with Pete and Jodi in the Sao Paulo area, helping with A.M.O.  Erica applied as well, but they haven’t notified the Fall students yet, so pray for that!

Prayer Requests:

Please keep Erica in your prayers as she goes through the process of spending the Fall in Africa with the Schroeders.  Pray that God will be equipping her now for what she will do there and that everything (money, mtsu, the program she may be going through, deadlines, etc.) will fall into place without much stress.  If you are interested in the specifics of what she will be doing there, she would be more than happy to talk about it.

Continue to pray for those who God is calling to help with Wherry Housing in the future to clearly hear and be obedient to His call.  Erica will be in need of help this summer when I am in Brazil and I will be in need of help when she is in Africa in the Fall.

Oh and don’t forget…

Ohh yeah, and my friend Tink and I are making a video to show at some churches, so if you gots any video/technology smarts and wanna use it to help us out so it can be suuuper good let me know.


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