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Wherry Rap Stars March 2, 2010

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SOOO…We made a rap video!!!  Me, my friend Tink who also lives at Wherry, and our friend Kurt, who’s in charge of Wherry Work Day promotion at Degree 180 at Smyrna Assembly, put our mad skills together with our friend Cameron and Sam to record a rap and make the video.  We showed it at Degree 180 (Smyrna Assembly Young Adult Ministry) Monday night and at Illuminate (Lifepoint Church College Ministry) Wednesday night.  We had eight new folks show this Saturday so I think it worked!  I will load it on here as soon as I can figure out how to do it!

So we’re super thankful for all the opportunities God’s given us with meeting some of the families.  During the weekend when we were shooting the weather was so nice and there were lots of people outside when we were shooting the video and we got to explain to some of them why we were making it.  I also met two new Karen families I had never met because their kids wanted to be in it and I also met two new families of kids on the playground afterwards when I was playing with the Cruz family and one girl comes to the after school program now.  Yesterday Austin and Gabriel left their bikes at the center so Erica and I took them home to them and got to meet thier mom and talked with her for a while.  I am so thankful for just the simplest encounters God gives us with the families.  I am becoming more and more comfortable with the Cruz family.  They have invited me in their house several times now and the mom and I will talk for a while in Spanish and I don’t get so nervous anymore.  I’m even to the point where the other adults living there will joke around with me when they see me.  Everybody even sang the Spanish Happy Birthday song to me on my birthday!  The kids are all still excited about going to church, Marvin’s finally ok with going in a small group by himself thanks to Jana Gibson, and Joseline, Jacqualene, and Rosa have all been asking SUPER good questions about baptism and what it means to be a Christian and stuff.  Conversation with those kids as well as their parents have truly been blessed. Thanks for your prayer and continue to pray for those opportunities and that God will remind us to be intentional with every conversation.

Here are some new pics of the beautiful faces of the children at Wherry Housing:

Additional Prayer Requests:

Hsar Nay a high schooler who sometimes comes to the program has been bringing ACT stuff to the center to work on.  The ACT is hard enough as it is to explain to someone, but Hsar Nay speaks very little English.  The questions are phrased ridiculously – even the Math problems have so many words!!  It takes a lot of time and devition to help him every day and I don’t even know if he’s learning the material.  Please keep him in your prayers, and hopefully the school can work something out with his English teacher to where someone can read it to him in his language or something.  His results from a previous test were in the 8% – 20% range.  If anyone knows of someone who could come in and devote 30 minutes or so every day to helping him, I think we’d see results, but trying to teach him when there’s twenty other kids needing attention is super hard.  I can’t imagine how overwhelmed he may feel.  He keeps saying “This is very hard” and “I’m not smart.”  I know he’s smart, I hear him saying a few Spanish phrases to his Spanish-speaking friend and then something to me in English and then something to his brother in Karen and he also speaks Thai so I know he’s super smart, I just don’t know how to teach him how to take the ACT.

There is also a girl we have who is going through a very tough situation that I can’t give out too much information about, but please keep her in your prayers.  She’s shared some very sad stories with Erica the other day and has been pretty emotional this past week.

Study Abroad praises!! I recieved my official acceptance letter from the study abroad program yesterday as well as another $200 scholarship from the Honors college! Erica recieved like $1,300 as well for her fall trip from MTSU’s Study Abroad Scholarship and  she was officially accepted into the Hands On program today!!  Thank you for your prayers in regards to finances and  THANK THE LORD OUR PROVIDER FOR ALL THAT HE DOES FOR US!! YOWZA!


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  1. Carrie G. Says:

    So…where’s the rap video? Please post!!

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