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Easter April 6, 2010

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         So Saturday was the Wherry Housing Easter party and i don’t think it could’ve gone better.  We had just enough everything – food, drinks, eggs, volunteers, activities, kids, everything.  Erica and I, along with the Cruz family passed out flyers on Friday evening and almost everyone we spoke to face to face ended up coming.  I met several Spanish-speaking families I had never seen before.  We had easter egg hunts, face painting, Todd Graf and his COTTON CANDY MACHINE, games, and crafts.  Amy Willbanks and Kristi Belew’s Girl Scout troop led the kids through the resurrection eggs craft, which the kids enjoyed.  One of them was telling me today all about the things in each egg and what they represented.  I am also very thankful for all of the men we had there on Saturday.  We don’t have a ton of male helpers with the after school program and I’m sure these guys loved playing kickball and soccer with guys who are actually good at the sport.  Also, it was way cool to see Whitt Kaminh talking in Thai with Hsar Nay, one of our middle schoolers.  Overall I think it was a huge success.  Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.  A big thank you to Jennifer Frasier’s, Brittany Kaminh’s, Kristi Sullivan’s, Ruth Meyer’s, Ashley Gordon’s small groups for helping as well as the girl scout troop and all of the kids of the volunteers, they helped out a lot too.  Without our volunteers, the event would not have been possible, so thank you all very much.  Jared Shingleton was our official photographer, so a big thank you to him as well. I will post the pics as soon as I get them.

         Tonight Erica and I were invited to eat dinner with Khin, Kiy Shew, and Eh Dah’s family.  This is a major praise not only because of the awesome experience, but also because some other kids in the afterschool program found out and are now inviting us to THEIR houses for dinner!  We are going to eat dinner with Paw, Hsar Moo, Hsar Nay, and Seria’s family next week, so please keep that in your prayers.
         The dinner tonight was so awesome.  The food was good and spicy, we got to watch an awesome Thai film, we learned a lot about their family and their life in Burma, and we also met a lot of other Karen people that came over to their house after dinner.  The father of the family is Buddhist and the mother is Christian.  We asked the kids who told their mom about God and she said a guy named Peter, which we met later that night.  He is a Karen man who helps drive people to the store and wherever else they need to go.  He seems very close with all of the Karen, so we are very thankful that there is such a strong and intentional influence within the community.  We asked the children who they prayed to and worshipped and their answers were mixed.  Khin, a 5th grade girl, said she prayed to both Buddha and God, right after each other. Kiy Shew, a 3rd grade boy, said he only prayed to Buddha, “like his father.”  Eh Dah, a Kindergarten girl, said she liked them both.  When they were showing us some pictures of Buddha and some monks they knew in Burma, their mom came in and told them to tell us she didn’t worship Buddha, but the Christian God.  We asked if she wanted us to pray for her husband to come to know God and so we ask that you all join us in praying for this.  Please pray for God to give this man Peter, Erica and I, John, and any other members in the Karen community, the boldness to be intentional with this family as well as the discernment on timing and what to say.  We are so thankful for getting to know this family and are anxious to see what the Lord can do through everybody.  They are already asking us when we can come back for dinner so I have a feeling we’ll be over again soon.  Thank you for your prayers regarding 

The after school program is going good.  We are now up to 55 kids on our roll and are averaging 30-40 a day.  We have 4 new adult helpers and the high schoolers have been bringing a lot of their friends in.  With the weather so hot, our requests right now are bottled water and kites.  Two of our ps2 controllers have broken too, so if anyone has any spare ones, we could definitely use them.

Thank you all!  You have no idea how much your prayers and encouragement mean to us!


2 Responses to “Easter”

  1. Jennifer Frazier Says:

    It was such a blessing to help at the Easter egg hunt. Thank you so much for letting us participate. You both are such a blessing to us and to all the people who live there. Keep up the service!

  2. Chace Adkins Says:

    I would LOVE to get involved and help out. Amy Adkins is my little sister… I have heard GREAT things about your work with the kids. And my son Austin, goes to John coleman and a lot of the kids on your website are in his class (Deziree, Rosie) How do I get some information to become a volunteer??
    Chace Adkins 569-0429 cell

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