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SUMMER!!! May 9, 2010

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Hey guys!

So school is finally over!!  Erica and I are both SOOO relieved.  We’ve got a lot of things in store for the summer – like field trips, VBS, carnivals, etc.  So we’ll keep you posted and let us know if you or your small group wants to help out.  Also, until the kids school lets out we will be putting more effort into projects.  For example, my sister, Amber, is coming in tomorrow to plant flowers in flowerpots with them all and sometime in the next couple of weeks I’m going to try and make a music video with them.  If you have any supplies for projects or want to lead something (cooking class, wacky science, sports day, water relays, etc.) please let us know – the kids would LOVE it!!  We had picture day with the kids a couple of days ago to make mother’s day presents – check the album out on my facebook – they turned out BEAUTIFUL!  Big thank you to Jared Shingleton for photographing.  Here’s the link —- http://www.facebook.com/#!/album.php?aid=168476&id=577814216.

Biggest prayer requests – SUMMER – I will be leaving for Brazil May 30, so we are looking for a lot of people to help Erica and hopefully some girls to live there with us.  Also, we are working on a fundraiser event for Brazil and Africa (Erica will be leaving in July) and we will get more info out on that when we get it, but for now, please pray for the planning process.

Also, yesterday morning everybody in wherry woke up to flat tires – someone poked holes in at least two of all the tires of the cars in the ENTIRE neighborhood.  They don’t know who did it yet, but please keep the people of Wherry in your prayers, because not a lot of them can afford new tires (including us).

As always, thanks for your prayers and support!


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  1. anonymous Says:

    I don’t know if you know about this place, but there is guy that goes to Lifepoint named Jim Bennett. He owns a car repair shop and he has about 30 tires that he keeps around for emergencies. You should ask him if he would be willing to help get you and the other people some tires to get them by. If he can’t help everyone, he has the resources to point you in the right direction to get everyone back on he road.

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