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New School Year September 27, 2010

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Hello everyone, it’s Emily Johnson.  This summer was INCREDIBLE in Brazil.  I learned and grew SO MUCH.  God definitely prepared me here for what I did in Brazil, and he also prepared me in Brazil for the work I am doing here now.

So, due to the number of kids this semester, as well as the MASSIVE amounts of homework, we decided to change the Community Kids hours from 3:30-5:30 to 3:00-5:00 with 5:00-5:30 available to those who couldn’t finish all of it during the program.  Jessica’s mom gave us some office cubicle dividers, which we think will allow the kids to concentrate better, so that is a huge PRAISE.  We have also started up with the different interns each having a day of the week that they are in charge of organizing bible stories, crafts, and activities, as well as coordinating volunteers and directing the program that day.  We just started this, but expect it will allow us all to experience the full aspect of running a ministry, as well as strengthen our leadership skills.

Having five interns definitely offers different team dynamics than when it was just Erica and I, which has allowed us to make prayer and communication a priority.  We are now all meeting every Monday night to discuss week to week what has been going on, future ideas, and pray for the community.  Steve VanDyke has also begun Discipleship training with us and we are really looking forward to what God can do through us once we gain these practical tools.

We are all learning so much about ministry, missions, and community.  God has opened so many doors recently and we are so excited about all that He is teaching us.  If you could pray for continual communication, motivation, intentionality, and respect within the team as well as discipline issues with some of the kids and an upcoming fall festival we are in the process of planning.  If anyone is interested, please contact me on Facebook or at emilyjohnson2k@gmail.com.  I also want to throw out a big thank you to the Women from Lifepoint who attended the Women’s Retreat this weekend.  They donated more than three months worth of snacks for the children!! YAHOOOO!!

And please pray for our dearly missed intern, Erica Pope, who is currently serving in West Africa – Especially Language!!  She will be returning to continue serving with the Wherry team in December.


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