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Expansion February 9, 2011

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Hello everyone,

I realize it’s been a LOONG time since anyone has posted.  So we’ve expanded into Ashley Grove apartments (the ones in front of Wal-Mart) and are doing homework help and games on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  There are only about 8 kids right now, which is definately a chage from Wherry.  We’re really excited to see what God does through us at this place.

We’ve seen a lot of families move out this semester, but a lot of new ones move in.  It’s been sad saying goodbye to them, but we definitely can see the opportunities to pour into these new families and kids. The interns have been much more intentional this semester with visiting the families, and these relationships have been very rewarding.  We also finished up our last week of Discipleship trainig with Steve VanDyke last Monday night. We want to thank him SO MUCH for everything he’s done for us and we’re so excited to see him and his family so obedient to God’s calling.  We finished going through the Kid’s Bible with the kids, so they’ve now been exposed to the stories of the Bible all the way from Genesis to Revelations. We will be starting new curriculum next week.

There are some event coming up that you guys can help with if you’re interested.  First, this Saturday we will be giving away all the clothing donations we’ve recieved this month to some families in need.  If you are interested in helping pass out or donating, contact Jessica Irwin at jcirwin@mail.lipscomb.edu.  Make sure any clothing donations are in BEFORE Saturday, please.  Also, we are planning a Valentine’s day Party for the kids and if you’d like to donate anything to that or help out, contact Erica Pope at erikadpope@gmail.com. Also, we are in need of basic supplies for the afterschool programs…

Supplies Needed:  Snacks for BOTH Ashley Grove and Wherry *our biggest need,*  Any games for Ashley Grove, Educational/fun group games for Wherry, Pipe Cleaners, Baby Wipes, Popsicle Sticks, Colored Construction Paper, Calculators, Scotch Tape

Big thanks to everyone for your interest and support!!

Prayer Requests:
-We’ve had some problems with some of the kids attitudes, so please be praying for us to handle these affectively.
-Volunteers at Ashley Grove
-Upcoming Events and family contacts to be established through these
-Continual team unity and effective communication
-Families that have moved away and the continuation of God’s work in their lives
-New familes transitions
-Expansion process beyond Ashley Grove
-Future Leadership and Interns to be raised up

Also, if you missed it—here’s our latest music video:



One Response to “Expansion”

  1. Sheila Pope Says:

    I’m so proud of all of you!!!! You committment to these children is amazing, as is all things done for God’s Glory!!!! Please let me know if I can do anything to help out in any way. I’m free on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday’s. Just give me a heads up on what you all may need, and I will do my best to help in any way that I can. May God continue to Bless each and every one of you for the work that you all do, In His Name!!!

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