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Prayer is Powerful May 6, 2011

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Sawatdee krup! (Hello for all the English speakers out there)

To say it has been a privilege to serve and live at Wherry Housing through Community Servants Inc is a massive understatement! I know all the interns and volunteers feel the same as I (Brandon Tomlin) feel. Living in a community and investing in people for God’s glory is guaranteed to stretch, grow, and refine you. Simply put, my faith has been (and is still being) tested every single day. Being obedient to God, no matter what He calls you to, brings forth good fruit! For the interns here, that call has been to live among a community of families and SERVE and LOVE them. For others of us, the call is to go to our work place and invest or perhaps go across the world and serve people. Regardless, investing is a vital part of truly loving others. And God does reward you while this is happening by blessing you with beautiful relationships that break through the boundaries of culture and language and beliefs.

So when you invest in people, you pray for their needs, right? So, we ask that you guys please pray for something going on here (and everywhere really). One of the kids in our community was in a physical altercation when he got off of the bus from school yesterday and it kind of has the Karen community shaken up. All three boys were Karen kids and knew each other from school. In case you didn’t know, the Karen people are refugees from Myanmar in Southeast Asia. It is sad to see these boys fighting, and even more sad to think that this incident may not be isolated. Please, pray for the things that this people group deals with after coming here and and that Jesus will be made known to them. Pray that our community will have peace about what happened and God will get ALL OF THE GLORY!!

And finally, the interns and John and Shirley Key are going on a retreat this month. We are looking forward to getting a chance to relax together and recharge our batteries. Pray for safe travels and good fellowship!

Pra-jao oi pahn! (God bless you!)



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