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SUMMER! May 25, 2011

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Hey everyone – Emily here,

First, some exciting news: Hser Nay and Paw have both made decisions to follow Christ and are going to be baptized June 5th at the 9:30 service at the Lifepoint FBC Smyrna campus!  For anyone who knows these two, they are part of one of the most amazing families we have relationships with at Wherry.  We’ve known them for about a year and a half and they’ve been in the U.S. for exactly two years.  It’s been amazing to see their growth and we are all so excited to se them take this step, so please come out and support them if you can!

We are wrapping up the after school program and will have our summer kickoff/water day this Saturday and are in need of water supplies and sundae supply donations, please contact Erica Pope at 615-574-0690 or on facebook  if you are interested, and come out for the fun 3:00-5:00 at the community kids center!

Wherry Workday is this Saturday 8:00-12:00, meet in front of 113 Stonewall Dr. ready to work on some of the units!  Contact Erica as well if you have questions. We will also have many opportunities to get everyone involved this summer with the many teams coming and we will be having the center open on Wednesdays and Fridays for the kids in the community to come hang out and keep up our relationships with everyone.

Also, we are transitioning some interns so you are all aware, Brandon, Trent, Ben, and Mariah are transitioning out of the internship but will all still be around, and Whit Thompson, Ashley Fricks, and a girl from Indiana named Michaela are transitioning in.  Please pray for all of these transitions.

Thanks to all our volunteers this School year, it’s been amazing!  We have seen the children all grow so much in their relationships with one another and many are asking really good questions.  We’ve established many more relationships with families and are all really excited to see where else God will take us.  This summer is going to be AMAZING, I’m so excited, as I was in Brazil last summer and didn’t have the opportunity to help with the teams.  There is so much potential in all of our high schoolers I am so blown away, there is definitely strong leadership already in place for the future of what is going on here.  Also, continue to pray for our relationship with the kids at Ashley Grove and other potential areas we may expand to in the future.  Love you all and thanks again!


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