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Craft Supplies Needed! August 26, 2011

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Back To School

School has started back up, and as many of you know, we have an after-school program for the kids in the community. Our desire is to teach kids about Christ in a fun atmosphere while helping meet practical needs, like assisting kids with their homework. The after-school program is the only place many of the kids hear anything about Jesus, so we are trying to be more intentional about incorporating Biblical truths into the activities we do and the games we play. In order to do this, we have selected some new Bible curriculum to use. This curriculum requires some supplies that we don’t have, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to help meet some needs. Listed below is a list of things we are currently in need of. If you have any questions, call or text me (Ashley Kate) at 423-504-9698. Your prayers and donations are appreciated.

Materials Needed:

Plastic (shoe-box size and larger) containers


Construction paper – various colors

Tissue paper – various colors


Waxed paper



Ziploc bags


Face paint

Fun foam – various colors

Electrical tape or duct tape – fun colors

Masking tape


Scrapbooking paper

Colored copy paper


Magnetic strips


Con-tact paper

Cardboard tubes (from toilet paper or paper towels)

Craft sticks




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