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Not Just Another Friday Night January 15, 2012

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It was a typical Friday night. We had finished our duties for the day and were sitting around trying to think of something fun to do for the night. It had been a long week for us all and we wanted to get out of the house and do something exciting. But it was 8:00 and we had no ideas. Finally, someone piped up and said, “We could always go to Si Hai’s house”. We had nothing else to do, so we all agreed.

Si Hai is a precious woman. She is one of the few (if not only) bilingual Karen women that live on the property. She is a brilliant woman who is a perfect example of someone who has used her God-given gifts and talents to bless others. She has been our link to the Karen people, acting as translator and communicator for us with a people whose language we cannot speak. We could not do our ministry at Wherry without her.

 As we knocked on the door, we heard the excited squeals of her four boys. As busy as she may get, Si Hai always invites us in. It was no different this night. When we got in, we spent some time playing with the boys. The older boys began to ask some deep questions about God and the Bible. I was deeply moved to watch my roommates read them the Bible and answer their questions. Eventually the older boys got distracted and the youngest settled in my lap. We found ourselves sitting on the floor with Si Hai listening to her stories about living in a country completely different than ours, suffering through things we could never have imagined. We shared heartbreak over life’s tragedies and laughter over cultural difference and misunderstandings. We ended up staying for a few hours. Si Hai thanked us before we left and told us she had had a wonderful night. We all had.


 This Friday night was such an unexpected gift. It didn’t turn out how any of us planned, yet we couldn’t have asked for it to be more perfect.  Sometimes God puts unexpected blessings in our path. As interns at Wherry, it is our job to minister to the people of the community, yet on this night God used Si Hai to minister to us.



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